T-Shirt Printing

T Shirt Printing Equipment – DigitalHeatFX the Pro8432WT and 9541WT

T shirt printing business boom – happening right now.

Over the past few years there’s been a groundswell of new businesses, and new opportunity that has created a chance for people to finally achieve their dreams of financial freedom.

Freedom from the 9 to 5 J.O.B.

And the freedom to be creative AND successful.

It’s done that by driving up the creation of innovative new products and processes and driving down the cost to get started in business.

That’s resulted in the OKI Color Laser T Shirt Transfer printer and the DigitalHeatFX system.

What does that mean for you and starting YOUR business?

  1. You can afford to get started now – Full color, custom t shirt printing equipment is the smallest investment it’s ever been. It’s so inexpensive it makes the shirt printing business EASIER TO GET INTO. You have real options!
    1. Start your business for under $10,000? Yes, you can.
    2. Under $2,000? Yes, you can!
  2. You don’t need a PhD to run the equipment – Printing shirts has gotten much, much EASIER TO DO. That means you can get started making money faster. You don’t need to learn complicated software to make great t shirt graphics and to create beautiful, profitable t shirt transfers. The Okidata white toner printers from Pantograms make it simple.
  3. You don’t need an office or warehouse – Okidata t shirt printing machines, or “t shirt transfer printers” use a standard 110v outlet and nothing else. The OKI Pro8432WT  and 9541WT and new i560 white toner printers, both work like a regular color printer. And they one of the THREE key parts of the Digital HeatFX Systems. Gone are the days of big screen printing equipment and silk screen printing tools! A back bedroom, home office or corner of you existing shop just perfect for a complete t shirt printing business. The custom t shirt business is EASIER TO RUN.(Even our entire Stitch & Print System will fit in 1 room!)

But the BEST Thing is.. now it is Easier to Succeed

You can sell MORE than just full color t shirts! With any one of the these packages – the  it is actually EASIER TO SUCCEED.

The secret that every embroidery business knows, every shirt screen printing business knows, every rhinestone or t shirt transfer business knows is that every one of their customers asks for something they don’t do.

Screen printers buy the OKI Pro8432WT   color laser t shirt machine or the Avance 1501C embroidery machine or the Stitch & Print Systems because they’re asked for full color short run prints they can’t provide.

Embroidery businesses get in to t shirt transfers because everyone that buys an embroidered company shirt is looking for a big print on a t-shirt for an event or special occasion.

It’s easier to succeed, easier to make money in your business because you can print on just about anything with the OKI Pro8432WT and it’s partners in DigitalHeat FX. 


Not only can you offer custom tees, but also:

The list is endless and the more things you can print on, the more things you can make real money on.

OKI T Shirt Printing Options

Important Feature 1:

The most important feature of the proColor series of t shirt transfer machines is indicated by the “WT” in the part numbers. That “WT” stands for White Toner. White toner is just what it sounds like, an additional color that’s used along with the Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta of the typical color laser or LED printer.

It’s like if you spill spaghetti sauce on a black shirt. It’s hard to see the sauce! It’s really red on your plate, but the black dulls the overall color.

Spill it on a white shirt? BAM – that’s Italian Red!

That’s the way it works for t-shirt transfers too.

If you just use the standard CYM color palette to create a transfer those colors will change when they mix with the dark material underneath.

What you’re doing with a WHITE TONER printer is taking that area under the design and turning it into a White Shirt in that spot.

Get it?

The White toner allows you to print an underbase layer that acts like a paint primer. You get vibrant, clear colors on whatever you print.

Important Feature 2:

The feature that differentiates the new OKI 9541 t-shirt transfer printer and Pro8432WT  from smaller or consumer systems most is  print size.

The OKI 9541 will produce a 13″ X 19″ print and Pro8432WT  will produce a larger t shirt transfer of up to 11” X 17” (it’s recommended you leave a .5: margin).

This larger size make the Pro8432WT and OKI 9541  a better option for printing shirts because large designs are more popular and it matches more closely with what screen printers offer.

It also compares well to other t-shirt printing machines.  You can print on larger bags, blankets, or make multiple left chest logo prints, for example, in one run.

How Does it Work? How do you Make a T Shirt Transfer

The printer itself is easy to use as we’ve already mentioned. It hooks up to your computer, PC or Mac with a USB cable and you can print images directly from your favorite graphics application like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

The magic happens on the inside, where the printer uses CYM and White toner to create beautiful, high quality, DETAILED transfers for heat pressing.  With a 2 step process that takes @ 3 minutes from an image on your computer, to a one-off product for sale, this is by far the easiest printing method in the industry.

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