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Digitizing Software for Commercial Embroidery Machines

Digitizing Software for your Commercial Embroidery Machine, Graphics Software for your Creativity, Rhinestone Software for Bling and more…

Outstanding digitizing software is what separates the average new embroidery business owner from the real professionals. That’s because while an industrial embroidery machine works fundamentally like a home embroidery machine, how you approach design creation is entirely different.

Pantograms, now part of the ColDesi group, has taken steps to make this part of your new embroidery business EASY!  All you need to think about is making your Avancé embroidery machine make money for you.

Embroidery Software for Digitizing

The Sierra’s “Stitch ERA Liberty” software is designed to be powerful, but incredibly simple to use every day.

Gone are the days when you would need years of experience to create a great embroidery design. While you’ll always have more to learn, you can get started quickly with just a simple image file.  After that, it’s a simple process to turn that into embroidery stitches!

For design creation, you can use your customer’s artwork or find it online.  However, ColDesi starts you off with the Pantostock design collection whenever you buy Stitch Era Liberty with a new embroidery machine from us .  You’ll have 4,000 embroidery designs already pre-digitized and ready to sew out!

Stitch ERA Liberty

It’s been a long time since our experienced embroidery and digitizing pros at Pantograms (or ColDesi)  have been this impressed with a software package. In fact, our Trainers and Support Technicians have been doing, and teaching embroidery digitizing for years.  They know our software forwards and backward.

In your training we cover everything.  We show you the newest techniques, the applications, the workflow, everything that you need to convert graphics to embroidery files or to make monograms and create text.  We cover all the technical details that make it easy to archive a fast, clean sew out.

Stitch ERA Liberty is the simplest and MOST POWERFUL digitizing software on the market. Go from a graphics file, like a .jpeg or .png, to an embroidery design in seconds. AND have all the underlay, stitch types, and those technical details are taken care of at the same time. Watch this video to see just how easy it is!

Unlike other software in the embroidery, apparel decorating and custom t shirt business, Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty doesn’t make you add expensive modules.  The software can create embroidery designs, rhinestone designs, and spangle patterns as well.

Even monogramming or digitizing text is easier because you can use any TrueType Font!

Just think about how much you could do, how much more you could make if you offer the same design in embroidery, vinyl, full-color heat transfer, rhinestones or spangles? Liberty software is game-changing for your business.

Are you graduating from a home embroidery machine? Starting your business based on friends and family, or taking the next step in going with a commercial embroidery machine?  If so, then applique is probably a big part of what you’re currently offering.  It might even be at the top of the list.  In that case, Stitch ERA Liberty is perfect for you!

Import and Export Files

Being able to exchange designs is an important part of an embroidery business. It’s often overlooked in standard embroidery digitizing software.

Not only can Stitch ERA Liberty utilize most consumer designs available, but you can much more easily work with files that graphic artists use too. The software lets you use files that you (or your customers) have been working with for years.  You can import Brother embroidery machine formats, for example. Also, you can import graphics files such as JPG, BMP, PNG, SVG, and others from other applications.


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