Toyota Embroidery Machine Users

The Way Forward

The Toyota 9000, Toyota Expert ESP 9100 industrial embroidery machines were some of the best embroidery machines on the market in their day, and Pantograms is proud to have been a part of making them a household name in the industry.

Since the Toyota brand went off the market we’ve been working on a new machine we can call our own and be start a new legacy of satisfied customers – and its here!

The GS1501 is a 15 needle single head embroidery machine that we’ve had designed to our specifications, with many of the same features our Toyota customers came love.. and a few things that the this new compact 15 needle has that the Toyotas didn’t.

Things our Toyota customers will love about the Pantograms GS1501

The FIRST thing you’ll notice about the new Pantograms machine is the similarities in features. USB and Network interface, extra large embroidery fields, hefty on board design memory and compact design are all taken right from the Toyota brand playbook.

Then you’ll be surprised at the price! The Toyota brand had a great reputation for reliability, but it also was sold for a PREMIUM price. The GS1501 is a quality embroidery machine that you can purchase for a fraction of what that new Toyota cost you, and can save you money AND downtime if you’re going from a traditional multi head to our Network Modular system, learn more about that here…

Another thing you may have run into if you’re still using your Toyota is that parts are an issue. It’s not a NEW issue, but one that’s gotten more prevalent the longer you’ve owned your machine. The good news is that Pantograms keeps an excellent supply in house and we have quick access to anything we don’t have here. Combined with our 5 year warranty, the GS1501 is positioned to last you just as long as your Toyota has.

You still get Pantograms. It’s been 45+ years since Pantograms first opened our doors. If you’re one of our Toyota customers you know that we pride ourselves on our reputation and its customers like you that keep coming back to us that keep us going. We’d love to restart our relationship with the GS1501 and earn your business for the next 45 years too!