Embroidery Business The Art Of Haggling

How frequently do you hear, “Is this your best price? Or “I can get it for a better price at XYZ Embroidery…” or my personal favorite “Just make it look good, but I only want to spend X…” Most of us have heard many versions of these comments every single day. What your customer really […]

How To Motivate Your Employees In The Custom Products Industry

If you own a custom t-shirt business, you may be wondering how to best motivate your employees. Let’s say you purchased a Roland BN-20A machine, which can do custom vinyl transfers, and the work has piled up so that you need to inspire your employees. After all, motivated employees are productive employees, and productivity is […]

How Much is a Customer Worth?

Something that is often overlooked in business, is a customer’s lifetime value. Everyone is so focused on the current sale. How much is this customer ordering right now? But that initial purchase isn’t the whole story, in fact it’s the least important. What is important is your future with that customer. How much is that customer […]

Growing Your Business – Word of Mouth

It’s very common for businesses to stagnate. Whether it’s because you get so busy creating product that you don’t have time invest in growing, you’re comfortable the way things are, or you’re not sure how to grow your business. There’s a saying in business that if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. And that’s […]

7 Reasons Why You Need a UniNet 650 T-Shirt Printer

The UniNet 650 iColor is a white toner printer that creates beautiful-looking transfers. You can position its heat press transfers in virtually any location on your garments and get great-looking results. The UniNet 650 prints full-color transfers all in one pass. Then it uses a specialty adhesive sheet, making it a no-weeding system. There are […]

Keeping Your Competitive Advantage in the Custom Products Industry

As a business owner in the custom products industry, it’s important to keep your competitive advantage. Whether you are creating amazing t-shirts for the local sports teams or you’re known as the “Embroidery Queen” of your local town. Keeping on top of your competition will require persistent work and a workable strategy. You’ll need to […]

The E-Myth & Working ON Your Business

Sometimes we get so caught up in producing work, that we don’t take time to step away and think about our business as a whole. We spend so much time working IN the business that we don’t work ON the business. So what does it mean to work ON the business? It stands to reason […]

Building a Successful Family Business

Building a successful family business takes more than just good planning and hard work. To be truly successful, you need to be able to manage conflict that inevitably arises when multiple family members are involved in running the business. Oftentimes, home-based businesses, (such as a direct to film printing business) are family-run – whether it be a […]

Avoiding Common Mistakes in the Embroidery Business

You’ve decided to start an embroidery business. You’ve research machines and supplies, and you’ve got a space set aside to do your work in. To help you ensure you’re successful we want to highlight some of the common mistakes that people make when starting a business, and how you can avoid them. What do you […]

6 Traits of Successful Custom Product Business Owners: What Sets Them Apart

There are many different types of business owners in this world. Some are content to work for someone else, while others strike out on their own and create their own business, What sets successful custom product business owners apart from the rest? There are several key traits that they share, which we will discuss in this blog […]