7 Reasons Why You Need a UniNet 650 T-Shirt Printer

The UniNet 650 iColor is a white toner printer that creates beautiful-looking transfers. You can position its heat press transfers in virtually any location on your garments and get great-looking results.

The UniNet 650 prints full-color transfers all in one pass. Then it uses a specialty adhesive sheet, making it a no-weeding system.

There are many reasons why the UniNet iColor 650 has become one of the most popular ways to make custom t-shirts, but a few stand out and make this system a small business owner’s dream.

Reason 1: Customize Cotton, Polyester, and Blends

UniNet iColor 650 printer transfers can stick onto cotton, polyester, blends, rayon, nylon, denim and so much more. This is because of the unique adhesive combined with the transfer's toner.

This adhesive is called a polymer. This polymer sheet is pressed onto the printed transfer using a heat press. When the two sheets are peeled away from each other, the polymer sticks to only the toner.

The polymer creates a super-strong bond onto several different types of fabrics and materials.

With many other decoration methods, you don't have the freedom to print on different fabrics. Sublimation requires 100% polyester, and Direct-to-Garment printing works best with 100% cotton.

When you can offer your customers more styles of shirts you get to say yes to more jobs.

Reason 2: Decorate Hard Surface Goods

With this same printer you can also decorate mugs, signs, ornaments, and tons of other hard surface goods. All you need is Hard Surface Transfer Paper.

If you use EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper with the iColor 650 white toner printer, you can customize mugs, wood, signs and ornaments just to name a few.

Reason 3: No Maintenance

One thing you will read often in UniNet iColor 650 reviews are positive comments regarding the lack of maintenance this printer needs.

When people think of t-shirt printing technology, they usually think of the messy, smelly, old-school, screen-printing process.

White toner printers are great because there is no wet ink used. This drastically reduces maintenance. The 650 printer can be turned off for long periods of time, left while on vacation and doesn't need head cleanings and de-clogging like other printers on the market.

Reason 4: Desktop Size

If you are thinking of transforming your side-hustle into a home-based business, then you are probably working out of a small space.

The UniNet iColor 650 printer is small and compact, making it the perfect size to sit on a desktop.

It can also be transported easily, so it can be brought to tradeshows and events for on-demand customization.

Reason 5: Metallic

While traditional t-shirts will most likely be the bulk of your small business, having the option to do fun and unique applications can be a great way to stand out from the competition.

In the UniNet iColor 650 user manual you can learn how to make shiny shirts using Metallic Toners. There is silver and gold metallic toners available for the 650 printer and they both require the use of the matching drum.

Metallic toner is also great for printing on business cards, invitations, menus, and different paper goods.

Reason 6: Fluorescent

Not only can the UniNet 650 make metallic shirts, but it can also make fluorescent apparel. This is another fun way to add more to your business.

Fluorescent colors are often used under black light, and they glow in a really unique way. The Fluorescent toners can be swapped out for the usual CMY+W toners to make apparel for tons of different events.

Here are a few ideas:

  • skating rinks
  • bowling alleys
  • cycling classes
  • dance clubs

Reason 7: Bundle Options

When you get a t-shirt printer from ColDesi, you will find several UniNet iColor 650 bundles. These have been created based on what real life 650 Printer users find success with.

T-shirt printer bundles are combinations of printers, heat presses, supplies and accessories that get you started with everything you need. This way you can get your business running right away without missing any essential pieces.

The most popular UniNet iColor 650 bundle is the Pro Bundle. It includes

  • Print Optimizer Software
  •  Success Kit – includes one-on-one virtual support, printer cable, 100 pack DigitalHeat FX EZ Peel Paper
  •  Training & Support – the most comprehensive toner transfer training course offered online with the world’s best-dedicated printer professional technicians and trainers available to help you
  •  Professional Startup Supplies – includes finishing paper, 18″ heavy-duty rotary trimmer, heat press testing kit, cold pack, heat resistant tape, heavy-duty tape dispenser
  •  Hotronix Fusion-IQ Heat Press – Industry best heat-press, auto-on, auto-off presets, quick-change lower platen, 16″ x 20″ lower platen, and plenty of optional upgrades


Still, have questions about the UniNet 650 Printer? Contact us below and you will be put in touch with a printing expert that is ready to help.