A Beginner’s Guide To Selling Custom Apparel on Facebook for the Promotional Products and Custom T Shirt Printing Business

Facebook isn’t just for seeing pictures of your high school friends’ children and playing Farmville. Though you may view the social network through the eyes of a user only, savvy marketers have been capitalizing on the platform to increase sales to their business.

If you are ready to dive into the world of selling your embroidery and custom t shirts on Facebook, here are a few guidelines to get started.

Launch a Business Facebook Page

You can share your new products on your personal Facebook profile, but you always want a public space where customers connect with you.

Create a custom Facebook page for your business and fill out all of the fields listed. The more someone can learn about your business, the better.

If you make it hard for them to find out more about you, they just won’t.

Create a Content Calendar

There is nothing worse to a Facebook user then following a company that posts every two hours, and then doesn’t post anything for weeks. Luckily, this is an easy problem to avoid.

You can create a content calendar in which you list what types of posts you will share, and at what time, to keep you focused and your brand consistent.

For example, if you own an embroidery shop, you could share images of your gear on Tuesdays & Fridays, share a new sale or promotion on Saturdays, and use the other days to share relevant but non-promotional content.

(Here are some best practice tips from Facebook for business page owners.)

Schedule your Posts

You don’t need to be sitting next to your computer all day, waiting for that perfect moment to create a Facebook post. You can actually schedule posts to be sent automatically directly through Facebook.

Next to the publish button there is an arrow pointing downward. Click schedule, and from there you can choose the date and time you want the post to be sent.

Schedule your posts in advance and spend the rest of your time reviewing comments and analyzing which posts perform the best.


As we suggested in our article How To Sell Custom Apparel on Etsy, research is key to getting ideas and finding out the best ways to promote your own products and services.

Check out a few of your favorite brand pages. Ask yourself the following questions: How are they selling their goods? Would that work for your custom t shirts and embroidery? What can you do to replicate their success?


Facebook is most effective for selling custom t shirts if you have some type of advertising budget. The minimum ad spend is $5 per day.

The best way to make the most of ads without blowing all of your money is to start small. You can always scale up once you’ve identified the most well performing ads.

Use different images, headlines, and text, and see which one is getting the most clicks.

Selling custom apparel on Facebook can be done, but it should be entered cautiously and with a lot of planning beforehand. Setting up your business page properly, analyzing what your favorite brands or competitors are doing, and choosing and sticking to an advertising budget is the key to success.