Digital HeatFX T-Shirt Transfer Printers and More

Pantograms is now ColDesi!

We became one company several years ago and the results have been AMAZING for  our customers.

We’ve helped over 30,000 people get into the embroidery and custom t-shirt business – and new we can do it all:

Avance Commercial Embroidery Machines

Direct to Garment Printers

Digital HeatFX T-Shirt Transfer Systems

Compress UV Printers

Basically, just tell us what your dream business is and we’ll help you find the right tools to get you there.

Now, there’s still some GREAT information on this website – so good we just couldn’t let it go! So feel free to research and learn here, but visit the links above to learn even MORE about how we can help you Achieve Dreams.

StitchnPrint_logo-02Avancé 1501C Commercial Embroidery Machine – We cherry picked the best features from the best machines on the market and created what is now the #1 machine for startups AND expanding embroidery businesses. Caps, large jackets, patches, everything you want in an embroidery machine. Also a Monogramming machine!

StitchnPrint_logo-04OKI pro8432WT and pro9541 Digital Graphics & T Shirt Printing Machine
– The Print portion is the secret to more business and more money in Stitch & Print. We’ve taken the OKI pro8432WT printer and it’s bigger, 5 color version the 9541, and made it a real money maker by marrying it with ….

StitchnPrint_logo-05Digital Heat FX – EZ Peel papers push the limits of your creativity when partnered with the OKI Printer. LARGE graphics, no weeding, no limit to fabrics and the materials you can apply it to – it’s the secret to making money in Custom Apparel and Gifts.

StitchnPrint_logo-03Hotronix Heat Press
– The Hotronix Fusion digital head press is the ideal, professional heat press for you start up or expanding business. Slide away AND swing away press built into one, consistent reliable temperature and pressure and construction that will last you for years.

The Perfect Startup Business

If you're looking for the perfect startup business, check this out.

Stitch and Print

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Sick of Weeding Vinyl?

Cut your vinyl and your time quickly with this profit machine.

Waste Less Time & Profit More

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T-Shirt Printing

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about printing T-shirts.

T-Shirt Printing: Revisited

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All About Leasing

If your business plan lacks the capital it needs to get going, we have the answers you are looking for.

You Can Count On Us

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Need Help?

Our Support Team is ready to assist you with any pre or post sales questions!

We are here for you!

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

When it comes to embroidery, multi-head embrodiery is the best way to go.

Why Multi-Head Embroidery Wins!

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