Top 5 Blog Posts to Help You Make More Money

1. Growing Your Business – Phoning Customers

Basic phone skills are important. It provides you an opportunity to tailor that first impression customers have with you. Too often businesses just answer the phone with “Hello”. The customer doesn’t even know if they called the right number.

Think about how you answer the phone, and every other interaction with customers via it – taking orders, answering questions or complaints? But also how you end the conversation with the customers – think about whether you’re promising to follow up with them (even if they need to provide you with information).

Then think about what you say when you make outbound calls to customers. Do they know who you are when you call them? Perhaps have a script if you’re not 100% comfortable making those calls.

Even if you’re answering a question you’ve heard 100 times, remember it’s the first time they’re asking you. Be positive, friendly, and honest. Your customers will respond to authenticity.

2. Breaking into the Hispanic Market

We only recently shared this post, but we feel it’s important because it addresses a very unique niche market. The Hispanic market was used as the example, but the concept applies to any other cultural or ethnicity. It’s about addressing the community in their local language and about the events they care the most about.

With these markets, word of mouth is key. If you’re already a member of the community you already have a great place to start. If not, as long as you enjoy the culture and express an interest in it and the people, you’ll likely be welcomed in. Take part in the local events and meet people.

3. Growing Your Business – Word of Mouth

Another part of our 3 part series on growing your business – Word of Mouth. Most small businesses make the majority of their money from customers in their direct area, that they’ve met personally. So developing a network and using word of mouth to grow your business becomes really important. It’s also the first step in growing your business – first meeting them in person, then using phone and email to keep connected to them.

In marketing there is often a saying that it will take 7 touch points to get a customer to buy from you. This means that often it will take more than one ad for them to recognize your business and make a purchase. Creating a great first impression via connecting with them face to face, ensures that all your future connections with them have that positive impression.

4. Overcoming Objections to Succeed

Part of your business success will rely on your ability to overcome self doubt. Knowing whether you even have competition and what sets you apart from them. Focusing on the advantages to doing business with you instead of trying to compete on a pricing level will have huge advantages for your business. Plus stressing over pricing is not healthy for you or your business.

Focus on selling to the right customers rather than everyone. Whether this is focusing on a niche market, or simply letting go of the customers who try to haggle you on price. Each customer has a value, and the time you spend with the ones who are difficult, may not be worth the profit.

5. Avoiding Common Mistakes in the Embroidery Business

Starting a business can be stressful, and if it’s your first business, there are always going to be things you don’t know. There are some very common mistakes that apply to starting any business, that you need to be aware of to help you avoid them. They can also apply to you if you’re already in your business. Fixing these mistakes can help you move forward in a more easier manner, helping you earn more money and understanding what a business takes to succeed.

This blog post talks about understanding cash flow, not wearing every hat, and making sure you’re practicing your craft.

Take some time to look back through these 5 blog posts, and definitely check out others as well. They’ll help set you up for success, help you earn more money, and grow your customers.