Avancé 1501C Multi-head Embroidery Machine Options

The Avancé 1501C is a 15 needle SINGLE head embroidery machine, but one with some multi-head advantages. You can combine 2, 3, 6 + units over a network and make them into an incredible versatile multi-head embroidery system.

Combining single heads in a network modular multi-head system maximizes your production without much of the typical downtime experienced with traditional multi-head machines. With a Avancé 1501C networked modular system, you can interconnect all of your Avancé 1501C machines to create the ultimate modular production system with the least amount of space!

This is ideal for a slow growth model to your business. You can start with one or 2, then grow your network modular system as your business grows.

You will also be able to make a smart use of limited space. Many multi-head embroidery machines will not fit in a home-based business – you can’t get a 4 head machine in your back bedroom – but you CAN put one or 2 single head machines in different rooms and network them together.

Unlike conventional multi-head embroidery machines, the Avancé 1501C network modular embroidery systems allows for caps, bags, shirts and jackets to be done at the same time.

Traditional Multihead only make sense if you’re running multiples of the same design and same item.

Better yet, if one machine does have a thread break, the other machines
keep working as they run independent of one another so your entire job won’t stop.

Avancé 1501C embroidery machines are so dependable that they’ve run for over a half million stitches without a thread break. Combine that dependability with the flexibility and production capabilities of our multi-head systems, and your shop is well on its way to success.

Why a networked multi-head vs conventional multi-head embroidery machine?

• Increased profits
• More speed
• More production
• More flexibility
• Less headaches

Greater speed

  • 1,200 stitches per minute* per head vs. 1,000 stitches per minute per head on a conventional multi-head
  • 950 stitch per minute average vs. 600-700 stitch per minute average on a conventional multi-head
  • Produce about one-third more with networked single-heads that an equivalent conventional multi-head machine

Greater production

  • Independently operating heads vs. single-operation multi-head machines
  • Only one network head stops for attention while others continue to stitch vs. entire machine stopping for attention

Greater flexibility

  • Networked Avancé 1501C’s can run different jobs simultaneously
  • Run networked Avancé 1501C’s in different modes (flat, cap, tubular) simultaneously
  • Combine Avancé 1501C’s in groups of varying sizes to fit your production needs
  • Easy to move, ship and configure to best fit your floor space
  • Link up to 256 heads and choose the best configuration for your business or job
  • Add heads to your system in quantities that suit the growth of your business
  • Maximum speed

When and Why Get a Traditional Multi-Head Embroidery Machine?

Cost. Believe it or not, if you know you are going to be in the big order business, there is no better investment than going with an Avancé 1504 4 head machine or a1506C 6 head machine.

The price of network modular single heads will vary depending on how many you get, but let’s estimate that since a single head 15 needle embroidery machine sells for about $12K, you can get 4 bundled for a price of around $40,000.

An Avancé 1504 4 head machine sells for $28,995. AND it includes more training options, including on-site.

In fact, you can get the Avancé 1506C for $34,995. That’s 2 EXTRA HEADS or 50% more capability and you’re still investing less than the network modular system with the same number of heads.

Learn more about our Multi-head Embroidery Machines here.

In the end, it’s a decision you’ll need to make – are you better off growing 1 head at a time? Are you always going to do sets of one off products, or will you be doing embroidery by the dozens or hundreds of items. Either way, ColDesi can advise you on network modular OR multi-head systems!

Earn more money!

Conventional six-head machine: Based on an eight hour shift, there are 480 minutes of production. 480 divided by 31 minutes to produce 12 garments = 15.48 possible runs in the day. Round down to 15 for accurate garment count. 15 x 12 garments per run = 180 garments in the shift.

Three Avancé 1501C networked machines: Take the same 480 divided by 30 minutes (less downtime) to produce 12 garments = 16 possible runs in the day. 16 X 12 garments per run = 192. 12 additional garments each day! Less downtime increases production.

Based on a value of $35 per garment, that is an increase in revenue of $420 per day, $2,100 per week and $8,400 per month (work smarter, not harder)!

The embroidery system can fit your floor space and budget

The Avancé 1501C can be installed in any quantity or layout to provide the embroidery output you want and fit in the space you have available. The machine will fit through a standard door opening and can be placed away from other machines or the computer if desired. Flexibility and versatility apply to the machine’s size and capabilities.

Only one machine stops for hoop change, thread break, or job change

Conventional multi-head machines must stop if operator attention is needed. Loss of stitching time is dramatically reduced using Multiple Avancé 1501C machines, since each machine operates independently.

Select the number of heads you need to do a job efficiently

Use the remaining heads for other jobs. Eliminate the wasted production capacity of unused heads …a typical problem with conventional multi-head machines. Multiple single-head machines are faster because you start the first garment on one head; as it stitches, you hoop the next garment for the next head and so on. By the time you have started several garments, the first garment is done and you load another on that first machine. Every machine can be stitching a different design on different style garments or they can all be the same for maximum production.


Each Avancé 1501C includes a standard five-year warranty. It’s the best commercial embroidery machine in the business.

Five year warranty

Have you been dealing with increased production needs but didn’t have the capital or space to invest in large and expensive conventional multi-head machines? The Avancé 1501C networked solution is the perfect fit to expand as you need to and without wasting heads when the production demand slows down a bit. Contact us today!

Multi Head Embroidery Machine Demo

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I love the fact that I can mix up my embroidery needs daily with modularity depending on the job. I have the option to go with multiple configurations. I’ll set up two Avancé 1501C machines running with shirts and the other with hats, all networking together embroidering different logos at the same time.

Peter W., Mequon, WI