Monogram Machines – Profiting in the Embroidery Business

Monogram Machine are better than ever before

Monogram machines, or monogramming machines, have been the entry point for many home embroiderers and boutique store owners into the commercial embroidery business.

Traditionally monogramming is a kind of graphic version of initials. In today’s marketplace it’s come to mean simply embroidered initials.. and it’s a great idea to get you started in your embroidery business!

Are you a Home Embroiderer?

Many embroidery entrepreneurs grow into the business from a passion for their hobby. They’ll progress from a simple home machine, get the bug and end up with a sophisticated single needle system that allows them to do some really creative work. Friends, family and maybe a few retail customers are usually the first targets of monogram businesses.

Then their interest expands and the search for a monogram machine begins.

The limitations of the high end home machines becomes quickly apparent when you start selling your work. Single needle machines means monochromatic designs or re-threading your machine constantly.

The slower speeds mean you can’t produce as many finished products as you need to and sewing onto larger items and especially caps or hats is a real issue. There’s just no way to generate real, meaningful profits with a home embroidery machine, regardless of their impressive $10K and $12K price tags.

An attractive feature of many of the higher end home machines is the built in Fonts that allow you to do monograms right on the machine itself.

Once again, a nice feature if you’re only dealing with a limited clientele that you can limit font selection for, but one that breaks down when you’re approaching a bigger market. Commercial systems use digitizing software that typically import TrueType fonts which effectively give you an unlimited lexicon of text/effects to choose from.

The New Monogram Machines

6 Needle monogramming machines used to be the standard if you wanted embroider for the most obvious markets:

  • wedding accessories
  • baby clothes
  • bags and shirts
  • sashes
  • blankets
  • towels, etc.

Furthermore, even 6 needles makes a big difference in productivity as compared to the home embroidery machine, and the cost difference between the 6 and the more commercial 15 need machines was significant.

Also, Advancing manufacturing techniques and the popularity of new, higher quality 15 needle commercial embroidery machines (like the Avance 1501C monogram machine) has erased that price gap.

Dedicated monogramming systems are a thing of the past. Even 10 needle systems typically associated with startup monogram and embroidery businesses make much less sense when you compare features and startup costs against today’s truly professional machines.

Money Making Features of Today’s Embroidery and Monogram Machine

  • Large Sewing Field – even the highest end traditional monogramming machine has a sewing field of just 8” x 14”. The 20”x14” field of the Avancé 1501C, for example means you can:
    •  Make bigger designs | More stitches = More Money
    • Make multiple appliqué or patch designs | More patches = More Sales
    • Do larger jobs that other embroiders can’t do | More potential customers = More Profit
  • Easy Caps & Hats – It seems like embroidered caps are more popular than ever! TheAvancé 1501C comes with not only the ability to sew on caps, including the sides and the back, but comes with TWO sets of cap drivers to make it easy.
    • Caps are BIG sellers | Caps = More Sales
  • Value of the Package – Home machines are notorious for coming with just 1, 2 or 4 hoops. The same is true for commercial monogram machines. The latest generation of 15 needle systems comes with 11 Hoops, including one for Jacket Backs and a supply kit to get you started.. all included in the price.
    • Start with what you NED
  • Commercial Construction – ColDesi has been in business for 45 years and our future success depends on you coming back to us as you grow. The Avancé 1501C is made to embroider full time, all day, every day. The industrial components that are used to build this machine simply aren’t matched in lighter duty consumer systems.
  • Standard .dst Files – The industry standard for embroidery files is the “.dst”. Since the new professional embroidery systems that are replacing limited monogram machines can read these .dst files it opens up your design possibilities! Like with the CD of 4000 pieces of embroidery clip art the comes with the Avancé 1501C
  • Support and Training – The hardest part of your new monogramming business or embroidery business shouldn’t be figuring out how to use your machine, or keep it running. ColDesi machines come with training, free support and our experience behind it. Get started faster!

Financing and Pricing for Monogram Machines

There’s a great article here about financing and lease options. Don’t let a higher priced, real commercial machine stop you – cash flow is one of the most important considerations for a new business and leasing is a great option.

Starting a monogramming or embroidery business, or adding that capability to your storefront or boutique is a great idea, and very profitable, provided you start with the right equipment and the right company behind you.

ColDesi is ready to help! Just call us 877-458-5575 or visit for more information.