Embroidery Grip For Brother And Babylock Embroidery Machines

Introducing the Embroidery Grip for Brother and BabyLock Embroidery Machines

Persona PRS100, Alliance, Intrepid, Valiant, Entrepreneur 6 and Entrepreneur Pro Models

The Embroidery Grip has long been part of the ColDesi, Inc. line up for their flagship Avance 1501c, and multi-needle embroidery machines.  But now, models like the PRS100, all the way through the Entrepreneur Pro have access to this amazing hoop technology.

There’s an old-time saying in the embroidery world.  If I can hoop it, I can sew it.  Simply put, it means that there are only two barriers to being able to embroider something.

Can the needle on my Persona PRS100 or Valiant machine physically penetrate the fabric consistently?
Do they make a hoop that can hold it?
The first of those barriers is easy to determine.  You simply need to load up a small design and test a piece of the fabric with your machine.  The Embroidery Grip can work with Alliance, Intrepid, and even the multi-needle Entrepreneur 6 series and the Entrepreneur Pro series machines.

Of course, there’s a difference between home machines like the PRS100 and the best commercial embroidery machines.  However, it’s good to know the folks at Colman and Company (the supply arm of the ColDesi group) now have the perfect grip hoop for home machines as well.

The second barrier to embroidery is: -Is there is an easy and repeatable way to hoop the item?  And, here’s where the Embroidery Grip stands out.

They made this incredible device that can fit all sorts of machines.  It lets you easily clamp down on items to be embroidered so that they are holding firm while your machine runs.

The Embroidery Grip Hoop Fits the Following Commercial Brands:

*Note: Single Head Machine application for 14″/360mm hoop spacing:

** Note: Can also be used with Avancé 1502 / 2-Head Machine with 14″ hoop spacing

The Embroidery Grip Hoop Fits the Following Home Brands:

There are lots of items you can embroider on which are firm, or stiff and don’t even need backing to create good looking embroidery.  And the embroidery grip hooping device is perfect for those items.  Alignment is a snap as well.

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to sight-in the item for precise placement.   However, the device also easily allows chalk marks or removable tape alignment methods as well.

You’ll Be Able to Sew on Items You Never Imagined:

The PRS100 verson of the Embroidery Grip Hoop device comes with a maximum embroidery area: 3 1/2″ X 6 1/2″.  That’s large enough even to handle your day to day embroidery items as well. Monograms are a snap, and collars and cuffs will hoop up faster than ever before.

The easily adjustable clamping arms range from 1″ to 6 1/2″ wide. And the device clips on your machine just like a regular hoop.

Installation is easy.  The Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System mounts just like your machine’s hoop.  It slides directly into your machine’s hooping frame. And the instructions are included in the box with a simple set-up in minutes

Of course, as with ALL hoops, frames, or clamping devices, PLEASE be test your items before placing the Colman Embroidery Grip into operation.  Damage can occur if precautions are not followed.

And, if your gripping a heavy item, you’ll want to support the item just as you would when using your typical machine hoop.