Maximize Your DTG with DTF Film Printing

What is DTF Printing?

DTF, or Direct-To-Film printing, is a process in which an image is printed directly onto a piece of film. This type of printing has a number of advantages over traditional methods, such as offset printing. DTF prints are more durable and water resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. In addition, DTF printing is less expensive and faster than small screen print runs, making it a great option for short-run projects.

What is DTG Printing?

DTF printing is a new process that combines the accuracy of digital printing with the speed of traditional flexo printing. The result is a high-quality print that can be produced in large quantities quickly and efficiently. DTF printing uses a digital file to print the desired image onto the film.

This process allows for great versatility and precision, as well as a wide range of colors and effects. One of the main advantages of DTG printing is that it eliminates the need for costly plates, screens and setup fees. Additionally, DTG printing is ideal for short-run jobs and can be used to create customized prints on demand. As a result, this new technology is revolutionizing the printing industry and making high-quality prints more accessible than ever before.

Why Would You Want to do DTF Transfers on your DTG Printer?

Solves your Overrun Problems

Most t-shirt shops have a heat press running all day long. They need to be able to set the ink on their DTG designs anyway. So everything you need to be able to get your overrun orders out of your hair is already set up and ready for DTG Film Transfers.

Inevitably when you are producing large jobs for Schools, Companies, Events, or Teams, you will have parents or teachers, or event planners calling you with overrun orders. Those orders can be a big pain in the neck because you have to go through the process of setting up your DTG and remembering all the specific settings you had. And the problem is dramatically worse if you were to try to re-set up a job on a screen printing machine.

So printing a few transfers from your DTG machine at the end of a big job will end up saving you lots of time. You’ll be able to bring the garment to the heat press and be done with the job IN SECONDS rather than half an hour or more.

All Placement Printing Without Needing Custom Platens

One of the best things about DTG printers is that they offer near-photographic print quality, making them ideal for reproducing complex designs.

However, this level of detail also means that DTG printers are well suited for printing high-resolution images and photographs. When coupled with the ability to print on a range of different fabrics, DTG printing onto films provides a powerful tool for creating custom garments.

Whether you’re looking to print photos, logos, or other complex designs, DTG printing onto film can help you create truly unique garments.

DTF Using a DTG Printer – How it Works

The process of creating a DTF Transfer, or film printing with something like the G4 printer from ColDesi is actually pretty straightforward. And it’s particularly easy if you use their recommended settings called “Queues.”

These Queues have been optimized for things like high-quality images; large file sizes so they can fit many onto one shirt without losing detail in far backgrounds – all while maintaining vibrant colors and sharp text against delicate patterns!

Here are the steps needed:

So, What kinds of things can you print with DTF transfers on a DTG?


DTF transfers are a simple and straightforward way to create custom t-shirts for any occasion. Choose your design, print it on transfer paper then heat press onto the shirt!

What’s not to love about T-shirts with DTF transfers? The quality is always great, they’ll last you forever without fading or cracking. You can even make intricate designs that would otherwise be impossible on DTFs because of their detail requirements!

The DTF transfer process is a fast and easy way to print custom T-shirts. Not only does it take less time than other methods, but you can get high-quality prints without paying an arm and leg for them!

Plus the cost of this option will be cheaper in comparison with making your own shirts from scratch which means there’s no risk involved when trying out new designs or styles that may not work as well on someone else’s body type (which happens more often than we think). If all these reasons weren’t enough already then let me add one last point: since DTG machines use therm transfer printing technology rather.


Hoodies are the ultimate wardrobe staple for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and cool during hot summer days. But did you know that they can also serve as a statement piece? With just one design, your favorite hooded sweatshirt becomes artful or bold with its message–whether it be about what goes on inside this suggesting clothing (very)or how we feel outside of ourselves at times meme-like figures appear through our clothes!

Graphics: The range of designs that can be created for a hoodie is limited only by the artist’s imagination. From abstract patterns and pop culture references, there are countless options available when it comes to style statement creativity with graphics on clothing like these!

Photographs: Do you have a favorite childhood photo that’s innate to your personality? Printing it on an exclusive hoodie is the perfect way of preserving memories and keeping them close, whether they be landscape shots or selfies taken with friends at school dance parties!

Funny Quotes: Inspirational quotes are the perfect way to express your personality. You can wear them proudly, whether you’re at school or out with friends!

Just choose a favorite quote and have it printed on a hoodie for all of those who want some extra inspiration in their life this year

A really cool thing about being able to print our ideas onto clothes is that they will be there forever- unless we wash them (that could never happen).


DTF printing is the best way to print on jackets, as it offers excellent quality with vibrant colors and sharp images. You can also use this method for other items like t-shirts or hats which would otherwise be difficult without special machines designed specifically for those purposes!

DTF printing is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a high-quality and efficient way to print jackets. It can be used in a short space of time, meaning large quantities are achievable with quick efficiency; at times it may even seem like magic! The versatility makes this type ideal no matter what design or logo needs arise – from simple images all complex logos will have their desired look when put through DETF rigorous standards process which ensures excellence every single time.


DTF transfers are the perfect solution for those who have a Heat Press and want to print hats quickly with no special equipment. With DTF transfer printing, you can use your heat press in order to apply ink anywhere on or around an object that is being decorated – this includes text too!

DTF transfers from your DTG are a quick and easy way to print hats. Simply choose your design, print it on transfer paper using a DTG printer then cut out the shapes you want with scissors before pressing them onto fabric covers in order for them to adhere properly while being heated by hot iron! You can also print hats with your white toner transfer printer too!

When choosing which type of garment or accessory would be best suited under this new system (eccentric), there’s no better choice than something that can easily blend into its surroundings without drawing too much attention away from itself like say…a baseball cap would do quite nicely.