Why a Live Online One on One?

Easy. Seeing is believing! We’ve met thousands of entrepreneurs and spoken to TENS of thousands over our 45 year history and have learned just a few things about what it takes to help people make the decision to finally GET STARTED in their own custom apparel business.

  1. How hard is it to learn? Seeing the equipment. Seeing it work. Seeing how easy it is to operate is vital. There’s a voice in the back of most future business owner’s heads that makes them wonder if they can do it. A live one on one online demonstration is just like being there – you can see how easy it is to use.
  2. Am I getting a good product? Seeing our Stitch & Print products, the Okidata 920 Printer and the GS1501 Embroidery machine in action will put your mind at ease. You can see and hear the quality.
  3. How do I know I can TRUST you? Our 45 years in business is a pretty good indicator that we can be trusted – our customers keep coming back for more! But there’s no substitute for actually meeting the people you’ll be buying from, which you can do with our live one on one online demonstration. You can learn a lot about a person and a company when you can look them in the eye.

How does it Work?

Easy, of course! Keep in mind that the video is only one way, so you can see us, but we can’t see you… but we CAN tell if you’re making faces at us, so don’t do that.

Step 1: You call us at 800-872-1555 or just click on any of the Start Here buttons

Step 2: We schedule you a time talk with one of our excellent, easy to talk to Account Managers

Step 3: You get an invitation by email to a “gotomeeting” meeting. Follow the instructions in the email. You may need to download some software, but don’t worry, it’s free and Citrix is a founding Father of online meetings, so it’s perfectly safe.

Step 4: A few minutes before your appointment time you’ll call a phone number, then just “join” the meeting by clicking the link.

After the last step, it will be like you walked in the door at Pantograms and into our demonstration area. We’ll be there to greet you, show you around the equipment and answer any questions you have about printing t shirts, doing embroidery.. getting started in the business.

Here are a few tips for best video demonstration experience:

  • Use your phone to call in instead of relying on the audio on your computer – it’s easier to hear that way.
  • Desktops are better for this – you CAN use an iPad, Android or other device but you will rarely get the same quality performance.
    • If you HAVE to use a portable device, try downloading and logging in with the free app available on iTunes or Play
  • Pay Attention – we’re going to set aside an hour for you and hope you’ll do the same. It’s easy when you’re on the computer to try and multi-task. Don’t do it! It actually slows video performance. If at any time you lose interest in the conversation, just let us know.
  • Write Questions in Advance – we hear all the time from customers: “I really wanted to see THIS during the demonstration, but forgot to ask.”


Okay, you made it this far, now are you ready to GET STARTED? Click here.

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