Depending on where you live, you may find you have a large Hispanic population in your city. Even if you are not Hispanic yourself or speak Spanish, they are an important market to think about, because it’s a growing population. Many Hispanics are migrating from Columbia, Venezuela, and Brazil. Typically coming into Florida and then migrating out to states with lower populations. There are pockets of different cultural communities all over the states.

If the Hispanic population is not large in your city, you can also apply the concepts we’re going to talk about to other markets, whatever is predominant in your area whether that’s Greek, Vietnamese, etc.

Research has shown that in general, Hispanics prefer advertising online (as opposed to television), and prefer their ads to be in English over Spanish. They also heavily rely on word-of-mouth, and so are more likely to ask for a recommendation from a friend, and trust their friend’s opinion.

If you take the time to create ads that specifically target the Hispanic market you are more likely to stand out against brands/companies that only make general ads. So thinking about when you’re making your Google ads or Facebook ads, think of keywords, phrases and images that will specifically attract that target audience.

Marketing Ideas

If you’re not that familiar with Hispanic cultures (or whichever culture you’ve decided to market to), take some time to research what they’re passionate about. For example, soccer is huge for Latin communities. So when creating ads or designs to showcase your work to the community you can focus on soccer jerseys or t-shirts in the countries’ colors.

Perhaps there’s a huge festival in the community coming up. What is important to that specific community/culture?

Quinceañera is also a very important event in the Latin community. It’s a celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday, and family and friends, and other connections all come to celebrate this birthday. Are there fancy heat press designs you can create to help the families celebrate this event?

How do you get into the market?

If you yourself do not speak Spanish, we recommend taking on a salesperson/employee who does. While many customers will be able to speak English, they may be more comfortable, or be better able to express themselves in their native language. Having the ability to offer your customers that option will set you above any of the competition. Having a Hispanic salesperson who is already part of the community will also make it easier for you to break into the market, as they’ll be able to make those connections for you.

If you can’t take on a Hispanic salesperson, there are a few other things you can consider:

  • Do you have any current customers active in the Spanish community? Ask them for referrals, or even for their opinion on some marketing materials.
  • Visit the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and inquire as to how they might be able to help you make connections and become part of the community.
  • Go to the local events. Start to make connections with people. Introduce yourself. Show an interest in them and their culture.

If a community event is coming up, find out if there’s an opportunity for you to set up a table/booth. This gives you the opportunity to make products to sell (appropriate to the culture/event), and meet people in the community. There is a high likelihood that no one else is doing this.

If you’re a little hesitant to jump right in there, simply start going to the events. Ask questions about anything that’s unfamiliar. Establish that personal connection with a few people, and it’ll grow from there. As you continue to go to these events, people will start to recognize you – especially if you take a few minutes to talk with them – and their trust will grow as well. You become more than just another face, but a friend.

If you’re already a part of a community (or perhaps your spouse or parent is), you’ve already got a head start. You just have to get out there.

Before you jump into the Hispanic market, or any market, make sure you take the time to do your research on the community and the culture. And then create a plan on how you’re going to get into this market. Perhaps your first step is to attend the community event that’s coming up next weekend. Take pictures, try out the food. Then perhaps you talk with the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and set up a connection with a local business, to get some feedback and insight into the business community.

Just like with any market, create actionable, achievable goals. The Hispanic market is often a very loyal community. They use the products and services recommended from friends and family. Establishing trust within the community will have a huge impact on the lifetime value of your Hispanic customers, and their referrals.