How To Sell Custom Apparel On Instagram

In our latest collection of articles, we’ve covered how to sell custom apparel on Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you thought all of your options stop there, however, think again.

Instagram has become a favorite income generator for fashionistas and brands alike. Even if you don’t have a huge following, you can capitalize on Instagram’s photo-friendly model with the tips below.

Custom T Shirt Design Photographs for Instagram

High quality pictures of your product are great if you can make them eye catching and interesting, but Instagram users will want to wear your custom t shirts once they see someone modeling your clothes.

You don’t have to shell out tons of cash for a professional photo shoot. You can take pictures yourself on a smartphone. Take the time to read a few articles or take a course on taking great Instagram pictures with the idea that you will get better as you practice more.

Can’t find a model? Use Instagram to find people in your area and reach out to them to see if they’d be interested in helping you out. You may come up with a lucrative partnership that involves utilizing them as brand ambassadors and being featured on their own Instagram accounts.

It can be harder to use models for an embroidery business because when you’re producing embroidered logos for polo shirts or uniforms they are typically only a few inches wide and tall. Consider overlaying a close up of the embroidery work overlayed on top of your model’s photo.

Choose the Right #Hashtags

On Instagram, a hashtag is just as important as the photo itself. One of the most popular hashtags among fashionistas is #ootd, which stands for outfit of the day. Another popular one for sellers is #shopmycloset.

Have your model put together a stellar outfit featuring your custom t shirt and tag it with #ootd, #shopmycloset, and others. While you wait for likes and comments, search other pictures that are using the hashtag and add your own likes and comments to their photos.

When users see a new like or comment on their own picture, they will visit your profile and check out your gear. Easy as that!

Interact with Fans

Once you start posting pictures regularly, make sure that you are reading comments posted by new followers. They might have a simple question to ask before they make the purchase and you want to answer their questions as fast as possible before the lead burns out. Remember, yours isn’t the only image hitting their Instagram account!

Even if they add a simple comment without expressing an intent to purchase, take the time to thank them and show your appreciation for their words.

Call To Action

While you’re on your way to building a following and taking great pictures of your custom apparel (and models in them), work on different calls to action to pair with each photo.

A popular phrase is “link in bio”. That means you have a link to buy the product you shared in your Instagram bio, so people don’t have to search the internet for your embroidery or custom t shirt business.

You can also try adding a short, memorable link in the picture caption using the URL shortener

Post Daily

You won’t be able to sell your custom apparel on Instagram if you don’t post frequently. People will forget who you are if they don’t see a picture from you every day and are likely to unfollow you.

Even if you don’t have a ton of custom t shirts and embroidery yet, there are many different ways you can style a product. Try taking a picture of the product alone, on different models and in different settings.

Instagram is another social media network that you can utilize to sell more custom apparel if you put the time into it. Working with models, using the right hashtags, adding a call to action that allows users to purchase your custom t-shirts, and posting frequently are all keys to success.