The Stitch & Print product from Pantograms integrates the two most popular, and most easily profitable custom decorating products you can buy.The GS1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine is a 15 needle industrial machine made for quality and versatility. It’s cost effective for startups and the perfect way to add embroidery to an existing screen printing or sign business too.

OKI proColor 920WT White Toner Printer is a one of a kind product that lets you create images using standard graphics software and then heat apply those images to almost ANYTHING.

The combination of the ability to “Stitch” and to “Print” means you have a HUGE range of ways you can make money. We’ve put a list together of 50 things that you can do to make money using Stitch & Print, but the real secret is that this was an easy list to create. Every time you go online and shop, talk to a customer, go to a mall, brainstorm with your partners about the possibilities it’s guaranteed YOU’LL think of something that we missed!

Read the list. Be inspired. Then contact us for more information or to schedule your own one on one online demonstration:

  1. Toilet Paper – Yes, you can.
  2. Car Mats – custom car mats can be big business, but don’t forget about boats too!
  3. Dog Collars – very popular embroidery item
  4. Rain Boots – we’ve seen this too.
  5. Car Seat Covers
  6. Laptop Bags – embroidery a company logo on a laptop bag and now it’s a corporate gift item.
  7. Wrap Around Coozies
  8. Shirts – embroidery AND print
  9. Jackets
  10. Jeans – pockets, pantlegs, print or stitches
  11. Appliqué – you can print an image, then appliqué it using your GS1501
  12. Luggage
  13. Belts
  14. Children’s Artwork – great idea! Scan it in, turn it into a t shirt transfer with the OKI920WT
  15. Cotton – of course.
  16. Polyester – some technologies have trouble putting images on poly. Not us!
  17. Blends
  18. Nylon
  19. Rayon
  20. Wool
  21. Leather
  22. Wood – you can apply a “t shirt” transfer, full color, printed on the proColor 920 too
  23. Neoprene
  24. Canvas – really popular
  25. Rip stop
  26. Satin – embroidered sashes for contests or weddings
  27. Jerseys – sports apparel
  28. Vapor Apparel
  29. Jackets
  30. Hats – embroidery or print. Look for videos on our YouTube Channel
  31. Drink Koozies
  32. Backpacks
  33. Tote Bags – poly, canvas or cotton
  34. Coolers
  35. Umbrellas
  36. Picture Frames
  37. Plaques
  38. Awards
  39. Aprons
  40. Wind Breakers
  41. Onesies
  42. Safety Apparel
  43. Yoga Mats
  44. Shoes
  45. Flags – promotional flags, golf flags..
  46. Banners
  47. Table Cloths
  48. Athletic Shorts – great for teams
  49. Patches
  50. Car Covers
  51. Boat Covers

We’ll be adding to this list as time goes on and you can contribute! Just send us your ideas.

There is no other product set on the market that will give you more options – and options mean income!

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