Start a Custom Cap Business

Custom caps and hats are HOT business in today’s retail market. Businesses, sports fans, schools.. almost everyone wants to add custom caps to what they wear  - and YOU can make money, can start a business doing embroidered hats in [...]

Double Your Profits with Stitch AND Print | Embroidery + Custom Tees

Stitch N Print | GS1501 & Digital HeatFX Embroidery + Custom Tees Why limit your chance for success? Your ability to make money? Almost EVERY business you sell embroidered polos and caps too will want printed tees, and all those [...]

The Benefits of Leasing Embroidery Equipment

You're ready to start building your embroidery business, and buy your first machine. How do you decide whether or not you should lease or buy a machine outright? In the embroidery business, a lot of people lease a large portion [...]

Improving Communication

Everyone has their own communication style - how they prefer to talk with people, and how they prefer people connect with them. This creates a problem however, when two people don't have the same communication preferences. Chances are, you already [...]

Building a Successful Family Business

We previously talked about creating a successful home-based business. Often times, home-based businesses are also family-run businesses - whether it be a husband-wife team, or even the kids are helping out to some extend - and so we wanted to [...]

Building a Successful Home Based Embroidery Business

In the custom embroidery business, you'll find a lot of home based businesses. Why? Because it can provide people with opportunities to earn extra income and/or take control of their time and income. It can be very successful, if it's [...]

4 Hidden Costs in the Embroidery Business

If you're new to running your own business, or new to the embroidery business you may have done some simple math to figure out how profitable this business could be for you. Example: You can sell a embroidered polo for [...]

Using Other People’s Fundraising to Grow your Business

Between schools and charities there is always some group that is doing a fundraiser. The challenge for a lot of these groups is that they pick something like chocolates to sell, host car washes, or collect bottles, and these things [...]

GS1501 | Upgrading from a Home Embroidery Machine

GS1501 | Upgrading from a Home Embroidery  Machine Webinar topics: - What it takes to go from a home sewing hobby or business and move into the world of commercial embroidery and REAL income!  - In this webinar we'll discuss [...]

Embroidery Business Growth Checklist (Part 1)

Building long term business success requires thought and planning. We've previously highlighted how you can start growing your embroidery business by creating active word of mouth, phoning existing customers and prospects, and using email. But what we also want to do [...]