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Digitizing Software for Commercial Embroidery Machines

Digitizing Software a for your Commercial embroidery Machine, Graphics Software for your Creativity, Rhinestone Software for Bling and more, more more…

Digitizing software can be what stands between the average new embroidery business owner and success. That’s because while an industrial embroidery machine works fundamentally like a home embroidery machine, how you approach design is completely different.

Pantograms has taken steps to make this part of your new embroidery business EASY so all you have to think about is making your GS1501 embroidery machine make money for you.


Embroidery Software for digitizing


DRAWing software is designed to be powerful, but incredibly simple to operate too.

Gone are the days when you would need decades of experience to create a great embroidery design. With Creative DRAWings all you need is a simple image file, like one of your customer’s logos for example, and it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons to turn it into embroidery.

Of course, you can use customer artwork or find your own files online, but Pantograms starts you off with Pantostock, a collection of 4,000 embroidery designs already done! You also get to download up to 200 designs from Dakota Collectibles, one of the best sources of embroidery clip art in the world.

Do you already have embroidery files? You’ll be surprised at the number of different formats you can input into this digitizing software – including formats from the most popular consumer machines in the industry.



DRAWings 8 Pro

It’s been a long time since our experienced embroidery and digitizing pros at Pantograms have been really impressed with a software package. In fact, our Trainers and Support Technicians have been doing, and teaching embroidery digitizing for years and so know it backwards and forwards. The techniques, the applications, the workflow, everything that you need to do to convert graphics to embroidery, do monograms or create text and set all the more technical details that make the difference between a fast clean sew out and a thread break are all part of their every day jobs.

That’s until DRAWings 8 Pro! Truly the simplest and MOST POWERFUL digitizing software on the market. Go from a graphics file, like a .jpeg or .png, to an embroidery design in seconds. AND have all the underlay, stitch types and those technical details taken care of at the same time. Watch this video to see just how easy it is!

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You’ll notice during the first few seconds of the video that you can select the kind of “techniques” you’ll be designing for. Unlike other software in the embroidery, apparel decorating and custom t shirt business, Pantograms DRAWings does’t make you add expensive modules when you want to add to your business, you get the ability to create not just embroidery designs, but Cutting, Stencils, Crystals (rhinestone designs) and Paint standard vector files.

Event Monogramming or Digitizing Text is easier because you can use any TrueType Font!

Can’t view this video? Please click here to watch on YouTube.



Just think about how much you could do, how much more you could make if you offer the same design in embroidery, vinyl, full color heat transfer, rhinestones or stencils? It could be a game-changing software for your business.

Doing Applique with DRAWings 8.0

Are you graduating from a home embroidery machine? Starting your business based on friends and family, or taking the next step in going with a commercial embroidery machine?

Then applique is probably a big part of what you’re currently offering, or might be at the top of the list to offer customers in your new business. The DRAWings is perfect for you!

You can combine what you do on your cutter with what you an produce with your GS1501 Embroidery Machine into a profitable applique easily.. and profitably.

Applique and cuts

Simply import your existing applique design, or creat your own. Cut the fabrics that you will use with your cutter right from DRAWings 8.0 and then use your GS1501 embroidery machine to sew out your applique.

That’s just ONE EXAMPLE of the power of DRAWings!

Import and Export Files

Being able to exchange files is an important part of an embroidery business that’s often overlooked in standard embroidery digitizing software.

Not only can DRAWings utilize almost every consumer embroidery machine file format available, which means you can use files you or your customers have been working with for years, like Brother embroidery machine formats for example, but you can much more easily work with files that graphic artists use. These formats include .ai from Adobe Illustrator, .svg and .eps from many other applications.

DRAWings 8.0 Pro builds on all the great features of version 6.7 Pro, so read about those below:



DRAWings 6.7 PRO (Now Upgraded to 8.0)

DRAWings 6.7 Pro takes digitizing software to a whole new level!

This latest version of the DRAWings family of software applications adds the unprecedented ability to create for your ENTIRE custom apparel business. A perfect compGraphDeslement to the Pantograms Stitch & Print system, DRAWings 6.7 allows you to not only do basic embroidery digitizing but also these advance embroidery techniques:

  • Manual embroidery sequencing
  • Auto border functionality for creating perfect “echo” effects
  • Net fill stitch type for perfect laces and filling cut fabrics
  • Automatic image conversion to Photo-stitch
  • Embroidery machine simulation with “slow redraw” for visualizing the embroidery process

But DRAWings 6.7 PRO wouldn’t run your whole apparel decorating business if it didn’t have the following amazing capabilities as well:

  • Graphics Design – with a full blown vector art studio included in the software
  • Heat Transfer Design – the graphics software included is perfect for making magic with your OKI 920WT White Toner Printer and DigitalHeatFX t shirt transfer paper
  • Direct to Garment Printing – do you already have a DTG printer? Don’t use one application for doing your embroidery designs and one for your custom t shirts – DRAWings 6.7 eliminates the need for buying and LEARNING another application like Photoshop.
  • Rhinestone Design Software – it’s included. Embroidery and Print are the 2 most consistent parts of the custom t shirt business, but Bling rules in markets like cheer and dance. Add a bling machine, but you can create your designs right in DRAWings.
  • Crafting and Cutting – yes, you CAN use your cutter to do vinyl designs, scrapbooking and even create multimedia artwork using embroidery and the cutting features of the software.
  • Computerized Quilting – you’ll have to see it to believe it. Quilting patterns on a commercial embroidery machine? The answer is YES with DRAWings PRO 6.7

Embroidery Software, Printing, Bling and More..

rs flowerWhatever you do, wherever your business takes you, Pantograms is ready to help you succeed by bringing you the best software and apparel decorating equipment on the market.

There is no better, money-making combination that the GS1501 and OKI 920WT Printer, that’s why we developed Stitch & Print. There is also no better software to get you started and keep you profitable in the custom apparel and embroidery business than DRAWings!

Talk to our professionals today about the business you want to start, and what we can do to help today – continue here.

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