How To Sell Custom Apparel on Instagram

In our latest collection of articles, we’ve covered how to sell custom apparel on Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you thought all of your options stop there, however, think again. Instagram has become a favorite income generator for fashionistas and [...]

50 Things You Can Do with Stitch & Print

The Stitch & Print product from Pantograms integrates the two most popular, and most easily profitable custom decorating products you can buy.The GS1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine is a 15 needle industrial machine made for quality and versatility. It’s cost effective [...]

Answers to Start Up Questions

Startup Questions and Answers Answers to the questions you have, and the questions you SHOULD have before you get started in custom apparel. Just reading the title of this article probably has 10 questions swirling around in your mind! Whether [...]

Stop Weeding Vinyl and Add Color to Your Business

Stop Weeding Vinyl and Add Color to Your Business   Using a cutter to create one or 2 color vinyl designs for heat pressing on to t-shirts is a great way to get started in the custom t-shirt business – [...]

Monogram Machines – Profiting in the Embroidery Business

Monogram machines, or monogramming machines, have been the entry point for many home embroiderers and boutique store owners into the commercial embroidery business. Traditionally monogramming is graphic overlay of text and symbols to form a representative image. In today’s marketplace it’s come [...]