Embroidery Business Tips | Success is Like Popcorn

Embroidery Business Tips | Success is Like Popcorn How can you get embroidery business tips from making popcorn? Have you ever made popcorn in the microwave? If your have, you will relate to this immediately. If you have not, stick [...]

Accounting Software for the Embroidery Business

Accounting Software for the Embroidery Business The Embroidery Business and  t shirt printing businesses, just like in any other business, accounting and finances is important. From knowing what orders are coming up and what's been paid, to knowing how much [...]

Counting Pennies in the Custom Embroidery Business

Especially when you're just starting out in your custom embroidery business or t-shirt transfer business there's a lot of focus on paying attention to costs. While we want to emphasize that you shouldn't just be spending money left, right, and [...]

Making More Money in the Embroidery Business | Think Outside the Box

Making More Money in the Embroidery Business - Think Outside the Box Doing MORE than just Shirts If you’re already IN the embroidery business, making your embroidery machine run day and night, it is easy to fall into a routine [...]

Buying Customers – Marketing and Advertising

We've talked previously about knowing the value of a customer. And if you haven't had a chance to evaluate each of your customers to determine their lifetime value, you're going to want to run those numbers before you determine how much you can/should [...]

How Much is a Customer Worth?

Something that is often overlooked in business, is a customer's lifetime value. Everyone is so focused on the current sale. How much is this customer ordering right now? But that initial purchase isn't the whole story, in fact it's the least [...]

Growing Your Business – Email

We've already touched on two ways to grow your business: going out and talking to businesses, and phoning existing customers, prospects, and likely customers. And while you were doing that you should have been collecting emails. Which is the topic of [...]

Growing Your Business – Phoning Customers

Last post we talked about how you can help increase your business by creating active word of mouth. Going out and meeting people face-to-face can be a challenge, but by making it part of your routine, it can become easier. [...]

Growing Your Business – Word of Mouth

It’s very common for businesses to stagnate. Whether it’s because you get so busy creating product that you don’t have time invest in growing, you’re comfortable the way things are, or you’re not sure how to grow your business. There’s [...]

A Beginner’s Guide To Selling Custom Apparel on Facebook for the Promotional Products and Custom T Shirt Printing Business

Facebook isn’t just for seeing pictures of your high school friends’ children and playing Farmville. Though you may view the social network through the eyes of a user only, savvy marketers have been capitalizing on the platform to increase sales [...]